mark (tgrmarshun) wrote,

NEMO Report

What was going on today?! In the morning it was very cold and windy. Then we arrive on the dock, do our opening checklist, and get yelled at. The point of us coming in an hour early is so that we can do our pre-float, raise the bridges, and do a crawl. By the time the show imagineers get there at seven, we should be ready to go. Not today. Jim, whoever that imagineer is, had a problem with that. I hope his people who were all waiting around on the dock for about an hour yelled at him for that. What a jerk. I do not understand why people get so upset so easily. He could have handled that situation more nicely. Its not like we did it maliciously. Thats when I get upset at people, when they do something bad intently to me.

The day also ended with lots of excitement. Some kind of "mini tornado" or "mini hurricane" passed over us during the day. Shit...i mean SHIT...was flying everywhere. Tarps, cardboard, signs, everything was flying everywhere and into the lagoon. Dust on the dock was being blown into our eyes. Taryn and I were about to go into the caverns for some protection until I saw the perimeter wall around the lagoon fall down. We ran out there as fast as we could and were surprised that no one was under the walls that fell. I could just imagine the drama if there were some people under there. Lots of people came out to barricade the was great team work and felt really good. Foods, security, custodial, and taryn and i were out there. Then the "important" people came: managers, imagineers, etc. The imagineers pretty much handled the wall themselves...which was weird because I expected maintenance or our construction guys to come out, but they did not. Autopia went down at the same time as well as the monorails.

I wonder how Jungle held up during that ominous storm.
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