mark (tgrmarshun) wrote,

NEMO Report

Why do I capitalize NEMO? I do not know.

A couple things happened today. Did a lot of raising and lowering of bridges and moving subs. The show is coming along very well. Contracted divers adjusted the anglerfish and work was done on the projections of the EAC. I am very glad that there are projections in that area. I was a little worried that it was going to be 2 minutes of bubbles.

During the middle of the shift, I was told by Casey to go to the innoventions building. He did not say for what, but I figured it out. Bob and I talked about it in the morning when we first got to work. It was for our 5 year anniversary. It was surprising, unexpected, awkward, and cool. I got to see good, old friends there: Mike Woolcock, Jeffrey...i cannot think of his last name right now but manager Jeffrey, Sarah was goodtimes to see them. It was awkward though because I just came out of a cavern from raising and lowering drawbridges. I was dirty, my hands were oily, my hair was a mess...I was totally not Disney look. Of course, there were many managers and important people at the celebration. Thats why I brought my hardhat, it was my alibi.

Then I got back and got to ride around with all the Pixar guys. They seem really cool. I did not really get to talk to them since Taryn was driving. I was just simply tagging along. But it was still fun to go with them. I hope to see them again in the future. Then I will drive them...hopefully.

Millie and I had a great discussion today as well. We confirmed with each other we are the weekend cycling leads. I am glad that I am not alone in becoming a lead. I am also glad Millie was chosen as the other lead. She is such a sweetheart and deserves it. We will be great. I know it!
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