mark (tgrmarshun) wrote,

NEMO Report

As we walked from our shift today, Casey told me that our picture was on the internet. It was us standing around the wall that fell down. I was excited because I finally made it onto the internet!

Well I just checked the sites. It was a picture that lame Darkbeer took. Well I was not in it. The wall was there, it was already up, and so was Casey and Karen. No me. How could I have missed Darkbeer. (with a sarcastic tone) Its a shame Darkbeer missed a perfect photo opportunity of the wall being down. I totally want to tell him what he missed!

Well my pic did not make it onto Darkbeer's "lovely" site but this appeared on under the Finding Nemo discussion thread:

Posted by Disneyfan17, discussion thread page 632, post 6313:

SO I was at DL today and I tried to walk from TL to FL around the Sub lagoon I Was told to plz walk around the Materhorn instead A CM named Mark (he clearly is a subs CM cuz he was wearing a hardhat with a big sticker of Dory on it)

due to some blundery weather in Anahiem the big blue wall was being strenghthaned or somthing because a section nearly blew over earlier in the day.

Thanks Disneyfan17!!!
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