mark (tgrmarshun) wrote,

cross your fingers

i hope everything works out with the possibility of a new role with casting. it may just be a TSA but at least its a start! and boy can i use a change! more on this later when i get more info...

yesterday's skipper standup was a lot of fun! its always good to hang out with old skippers...its always gauranteed goodtimes! adams routine of beastiality and 9/11 was amazing because it was soooo awkward. i went to the first show and 98% of the seemed like they were over 50. i dont know where they all came from but it was a little weird. i didnt stick around for the second show, but it seemed like a younger crowd. i did know more people in that show. i think i am actually considering doing a show.

i feel my recent posts are kinda crappy...not up to par with posts ive done in the past. im a little rusty. ive been out of school for over a year now and i havent written much of anything...just statements at work. i need to stop being lazy and put more effort into these things...i love writing.

i also need to start exercising...11 days til vegas!
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